Town Center Gwinnett Place Nissan in Georgia

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Town Center Gwinnett Place Nissan in Georgia

Postby Andrew32 » Fri Dec 18, 2009 7:57 pm

Town Center Nissan
Good-........close to my house haha :lol:

Bad- Tried to sell me a demo 2005 Pathfinder SE off road that has 500 miles in MARCH 2007!! for 2k off the sticker. Told me i was a fool for leaving the deal. Had to get my rack and pinion replaced, came home to find they stripped out 2 of the skid plate screws, and didnt install one of the screws that hold the oil change hole thingy. Didnt find out till over 3 months later and when i went back i got "you shoulda come back within the first week"

Gwinnett Place Nissan
Good- Purchased a 35k pathfinder SE OR for 26.5k :shock: :P. Took care of me when they put a dent and a 6" gash in my driver side door (new door)

Bad - Put a 6" gash and dent in my door doing a oil change. Often waited over 3 hours for a oil change and car wash. Sold me the dealership "package" that offered free oil changes, wash, and clearcoating for life....only to find out it had a 3 year limit on it. I KNOW he said lifetime cuz i wrote that on the paper when i purchased it.... Charge us $1500!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps!

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