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Discussion topics related to the radiator and transmission failures in all Nissan trucks, education of the public on this issue, and attempts to force Nissan to start a recall.

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Car Shopping

Postby noguice » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:06 pm

I'm on the hunt for a newer car to replace our soon to crap out minivan.
The '05-'12 Pathfinder is exactly what I'm looking for (3rd row, truck based, tow capacity, etc). I'm finding plently in my price range that are '05-'08.

I just recently found out about the radiator/transmission issue, so now I'm not so sure about the PF, and not sure I can afford to go to a '11-'12.

Is there an easy way to determine if a PF has had the failure already?

I'd consider one that hasn't with the intent of immediately doing the bypass and/or replacing the radiator.


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Postby HiBRiD109 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:46 pm

I was in the same boat a few months ago. I really liked what the Pathfinder had to offer, it was in my price range, good off-road capabilities, good family hauler, decent towing capabilies for a mid-sized SUV, had a trucky feel and look. The radiator issue was a turn off and I was looking at the Armada but the brake issue scared me away from that platform.

To answer your question, you're best bet is to find a Pathfinder (as any vehicle really) with a good maintenance history. You'll know right away if the radiator has leaked into the transmission. It will have shifting issues and vibration issues, especially at highway speeds 65+. Some Pathfinders still have the problematic radiator and have not had an issue but most members would agree that they will most likely fail eventually. So when looking at a Pathfinder and there is no history about the radiator or transmission, look at the very top driver side of the radiator and look for the Calsonic sticker with the part number. I believe the known radiators that have the failure issue are 21460-EA215, 21460-EA265 and 21460-EA200. I think there a few other part numbers that are floating around but not 100% certain. You can also look underneath the vehicle and see if there has been a bypass if the radiator has not been replaced. There are two small hoses running into the bottom of the radiator, one on each side. When I bought my Pathfinder, the radiator had been replaced with a Nissan OEM Value radiator and did not have a part number. It did not have the bypass so I asked here to see what I should do. I believe this radiator should not have the problem. But only time will tell. Even if you do have a replacement radiator, you could do the bypass if you are really concerned. Most members believe it regulates the transmission temperature since there is already an external trans cooler. So if you live in warmer climate you should be ok to have the bypass. If the radiator has failed, was replaced, and the transmission has been rebuilt by reputable source, then it should all be good.

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Postby V8Pathy » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:55 pm

negociate a good price on that PF and buy a nissan value radiator for like 250. Have it installed. Peace of mind.

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Postby smj999smj » Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:06 am

V8Pathy wrote:negociate a good price on that PF and buy a nissan value radiator for like 250. Have it installed. Peace of mind.
I wouldn't spend $250 for a plastic tanked radiator, even if it did come from Nissan. You can get a Spectra Premium with double the warranty for half of that price or spend another $100 and get an all-aluminum CSF radiator from Stillen.

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