speedometer broke and speed sensor stuck frozen in trans-DIY

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speedometer broke and speed sensor stuck frozen in trans-DIY

Postby n18 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:27 am

So, I was going on the highway and my speedometer broke and I saw my speed needle dropped from 60+ miles to zero. So, I took my 2001 pathfinder to my local garage to fix it. They tried it for 15 minutes and couldn't remove it so they told me to ask Nissan dealership for help.

What a bummer! so my Odometer and trip meter also stopped working but the TAC meter is still working.

So, I decided to DIY instead of asking Nissan to fix. I found out just the parts alone cost me almost $500. The VSS (vehicle speed sensor) and the plastic pinion gear at the end of the VSS. The labor $800.

I didn't see anything on the forum so I am offering my tips here to help others.
1. call Nissan dealership to ask for part #s and order the OEM parts online to get some discount. My cost came out to be around $200 free shipping with tax included.
2. Drill the heck out of it and make sure you drill the black O-ring through and break the back rubber end.
3. Use an aligator locking plier to grab the end of the it to twist it to remove it.

I posted a youtube video to help others who face the same problem.
here is a pic - http://www.instagram.com/p/Bo7wED5BY1l/ ... jfishing11

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