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Burping for Dummies

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Joined: 05 Jan 2010
Posts: 59
Location: Vancouver BC

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:05 pm    Post subject: Burping for Dummies Reply with quote


Could one of you pros please post a step by step guide on how to burp the pathfinder. Mine happens to be 2009 version.
Too many posts and they are a bit vague here and there. For example, which cap gets opened first? Are they both open etc.. Any specific type of coolant?
How much do you lift up the fron by? 3 feet? 1 foot?
The heat in the car - when do you turn it up...

Oh something else for all yall dummies (like me) that I just found out:
Anti-freeze has the same purpose as coolant, but it is even more resistant to the cold. These higher performance levels should be sought in places with extreme weather conditions.

Does this mean (living in Canada) I should be using antifreeze?
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Site Admin

Joined: 13 Aug 2008
Posts: 2801
Location: Winnipeg, Canada

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

antifreeze and coolant are the same thing. I've used both Nissan and Honda premix (they are blue). Both borate and silicate free. Avoid Prestone. And avoid mixing different types of coolant.

Burping for dummies:

Put the front tires on ramps.
Remove caps. (both)
start truck
top off rad
let run (do not rev the engine or coolant will get everywhere)
fill up as needed.
Back off ramps.
Fill reservoir tank to hot line.

keep an eye on coolant level, and repeat above if necessary.
Terry in Winnipeg

'05 Pathfinder SE Premium 4x4 - 343000kms (213000mi) - weekend warrior, Cortex Superchips on 87 Octane Tune, K&N filtercharger, Airlift 1000, Prodigy Brake controller, 7 pin trailer hookup, Prostart Remote Starter, Cooper Discoverer ATw P265/70/16
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Joined: 05 Jan 2010
Posts: 59
Location: Vancouver BC

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you!
When you say: remove caps - is that the 2 orange stickered ones here

When you say top of rad - do I need a funnel like some of the other threads say - filling it up 1/3rd...? or just top it off?

Any good coolant brand? Or just any but prestone?

How long do you run the engine for?

at which point do you put the caps back on?
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Jan 2012
Posts: 5642
Location: Prospect, VA

PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, he means the two caps with the orange stickers on them. This system is similar to what European cars have used for years. The cap on the coolant reservoir is the actual pressure cap of the system; the one on top of the radiator is simply there for filling during servicing.
Nissan used long-life, green coolant for many years and then started phasing in Nissan blue ("longer-life") coolant around 2010 in various Nissan models. Both coolants are made by Pentosin; Pentosin Pentafrost A2 is the green, concentrated anti-freeze that needs to be mixed 50/50 with distilled water. It is good for 90,000 miles initially, but should then be replaced every 60,000 miles afterwards. Pentosin A3 is the blue coolant and only comes pre-mixed (meaning no need to add water). It is good for 135,000 miles. Both are cross-compatible, but one has to remember that any green coolant mixed into the blue coolant will diminish the 135,000 miles service life of the blue coolant to some extent. My preference is to just keep the green with those with factory-green fill and blue with those that have the factory blue-fill. Both are excellent coolants. Of course, genuine Nissan coolant is available from any Nissan/Infiniti dealer. Pentosin coolant is available from a number of sources, including on Ebay, from and even some parts stores. It's not cheap, but nothing ever is, right?
"Works with all color coolants" like Prestone and SuperTech (Walmart) will work fine in the VQ40DE. Just make sure if you use a concentrated anti-freeze that you stick with distilled or de-mineralized water when mixing it and NOT tap water or well water! I get distilled water from Walmart for under $1/gallon. Personally, I've always like the genuine Nissan coolant going back to my Nissan tech roots; these days, I keep at least a gallon of Pentosin A2 green at the house.
When I do servicing of the coolant, I first turn the key "on" and turn the front and rear heaters "on" and to the hottest settings. Any time I drain the coolant, I almost always end up with a perfect 2-gallons. I catch the coolant in a pan and will then pour it into old, 1-gallon containers so I know how much I drained out of the system. I'll jack up the front end as much as safely possible and, with both caps removed, start pouring the new coolant into the system. I'll usually get about 1-3/4 quarts in when the radiator is full and the reservoir is around 1/2 full. I'll install the radiator cap and start the engine. I'll fix a tool or rod between the gas pedal and the seat to keep the engine running around 2500-3000 RPM. I'll let it run a few minutes, topping off the reservoir as needed and until hot air is coming out of the heater vents. Then, I'll install the reservoir cap and shut the engine off, then lower the vehicle. Seems to work every time.
2006 Pathfinder LE VQ40DE AWD, aftermarket radiator, Airlift 1000's, Bilstein HD rear shocks, Doug Thorley shortie headers and mid-pipes, Magnaflow 12580 muffler, aFe Momentum GT CAI w/ dry filter, XTP plenum spacer, Superchips Flashpaq tuner
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Graham W

Joined: 08 Jan 2018
Posts: 238
Location: UK, the warm end :-)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Stuck the nose in the air on a slope and ramps to burp.
Removed the two caps and added a funnel to top up.
There were a few large bubbles on squeezing the top hose.

Dunno if it’s different with the petrols but with the 2.5 diesels
the fan runs all the time so trying to get up to a temperature is
a bloody nightmare.
Eventually the needle moved and it all got warmer.
Kept it running about 30mins and gave up as no more bubbles
seemed to come out.
I was then going to feed a pipe from the bulkhead bleed
But got the wrong bore size, coz I’m a muppet.

Seems a little better but not as much as I’d liked.
2005 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 T-Spec

No Mods, Just added OEM Roof Cross bars, Towbar and secondary front rescue hooks and front LED lightbar. Oh and an electric fleece blanket for my GF as she feels the cold!
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