DPF needs replacing, after advice on how to go about it

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DPF needs replacing, after advice on how to go about it

Postby heenos » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:20 pm

Hi all,

bit of history first...took the pathy to a local mechanic to clean out the DPF as the light kept coming on, even after doing a regen multiple times on the highway it just kept coming back on...the mechanic could not force a regen and suggested i take it to Nissan, as their system would be able to do it...Nissan couldn't do it either, and on further inspection is was noted that the DPF had a large hole through its burning element and now requires replacing. fair enough i thought, until i was quoted $3200 for replacement and really think it shouldn't be that much.

Now my questions are;
Is that a reasonable price for replacing a DPF with aftermarket?
Could i source the parts myself and just take them to my mechanic? as I keep seeing them for around the $800 mark (aftermarket)

I would also be grateful for advice on the best way to tackle this.

Edit: nissan quoted $3350 for genuine part, $1187 for aftermarket but $3000-$3200 fitted.
required from nissan is DPF, 2 exhaust sensors (upstream and downstream), DPF tubes and 2 exhaust gaskets.

Cheers all.

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