99' with a few bolts I cant reach... Engine/trans removal

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99' with a few bolts I cant reach... Engine/trans removal

Postby 99MNpath » Sun May 24, 2015 10:51 pm

Removing everything... I can not seem to get any tools on the torque converter bolts. I have removed the starter but the bolts are blocked by the engine casing I don't have a straight shot.. and a wrench wont fit nicely because the flywheel sticks out causing a loose fit which will round or pop off.. I dare not try.. With a socket on the crank I can rotate and see all the bolts but can not get at them...

I am also having issues with the engine mounts... both are not in the best way... Rusty and 17 years stuck.. l also do not have room to get at these with enough leverage to remove them... What is the best way to go about this? Does the ac compressor have to move?

I can not seem to come across any useful guides/pictures or videos... If you have knowledge of this at all spill the beans!!


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Postby moymurfs » Mon May 25, 2015 11:44 am

For the converter bolts you have to remove the lower gussets and shield. Once those are out of the way you can get your wrench in there. Then use the socket to turn the flywheel so each comes into view through the starter hole (like you are doing). If my memory serves me right I think I had to run a long extension from in front of the engine to get to one of the gusset bolts (not sure if I had to do that for both side or just the driver's side.
For the two engine mounts (nuts) yes the compressor has to be moved out of the way to get to the driver's side. The lip of the mount makes it almost impossible to turn a wrench on the nut. I think I had to go with a wobble/flex socket threaded from above when I had enough crap out of the way.
The main useless thing I do remember is that the whole operation is a major pain in the ass and I swore I would sell the vehicle if I ever had to do it again...

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