motor swap questions

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motor swap questions

Postby agent22 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:47 pm

I have been reading up on previous motor swaps and just wanted to clarify some things.

I have a 88 WD21 pathfinder with the VG30i motor.

I am thinking about swapping it to a VG33e from a xterra

I am thinking about swapping the harness and the ECU to keep the EFI system for the extra power.

how much of a pain the the rear is it to swap the harness and what issues am I looking at running into?

If its too much of a pain I may just swap the whole TBI system onto the VG33 and make it a VG33i. That way I dont have to swap the harness and the ecu. but if I go this route will I have to swap electrical connectors for the accessories such as the alternator and such?

I plan on swapping the whole motor with the accessories and everything on it.

please help

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