HELP!! Used valve body/tcm no throttle response

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HELP!! Used valve body/tcm no throttle response

Postby Racermom44442 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:13 am

It's a 2009 pathfinder s v6 4x4 , it had coolant contamination it kept blowing the at/ecu fuse and would go into limp mode then not start until I put a new fuse in, so we completed the radiator bypass, flushed trans, installed a used valve body & tcm (off eBay from a reputable seller) with all solenoids (was told it didn't need to be reprogrammed) it starts shifts between gears ( only coasts forward in drive and coasts backward in reverse) but when I step on the gas it only fluctuates between 1500-1800 rpms flat to the floor. (*then I purchased another used valvebody/tcm from another seller and it did the same exact thing no acceleration. I've changed the pedal position sensor- that did not fix it, I've done the relearn process -that didn't work either. The only issue is it doesn't accelerate at all, it only coasts with barely any throttle response. I had it towed to my local Nissan dealer and "they said since I installed used parts the reprogram didnt work and they'd need to install a new blank tcm for $1600 , feeling like they gave me the run around I just had it towed back to my house.. please any help is greatly appreciated I love my pf and need it driveable! -ahhhhhhhh

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2006 Armada

Postby Garyca » Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:56 pm

Hello did you fix your issue? My oil leaked out the cooler and now my TCM is fried . Please help

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Postby TheHawk! » Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:57 pm

You need to have somebody hook a scan told to it and pool all DTC‘s from every control module if you have a chance communication code and the TCM is not communicating with the other control modules then yes it may be a TCM fault but doubt it if you’ve already put two in although the programming is very specific for the TCM operation and communication between The other control modules as the TCM programming is different between federal and California missions ABSVTCTCS US Mexico etc. etc. but if you have a P 2122 2123 DTC‘s like that with a description of APP circuit I would lean toward one of the sensors taken down the 50 reference as the APPTPS AC pressure sensor eve app pressure sensor and likely a couple of other sensors all use the same 5 V from the ECM so most of the time the AC pressure sensor or short internally and take down the five all reference so even with the simple DV OEM you can back pro at the throttle chamber and see if you have 5 V and then also here’s a PP signal wires should be very has the APP is depressed from approximately .6 .8 V to 4.2 4.6 V Butt The main thing you need to do is pull all control module DTC’s and check and see if the TCM loads when you do All DTC diagnostics. If you need a scan tool send me a PM as I rent tools as well as sell one of the best bang for your buck scan tools on the market

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