2000 Pathfinder SE Standard Jerks and completely loses power

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2000 Pathfinder SE Standard Jerks and completely loses power

Postby famousredhead » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:13 am

OK guys and gals I went to a Nissan Mechanic I am $400 poorer and STILL have the prob:

1). We replaced the distributor:(upon inspection-- my ignition coil was fried.)

2). Changed the spark plugs: (19 yr old car and I've owned it for 6 yrs. and have never changed them so don't know when they ever were in the past).

3). Did an oil change: (found out that for 6 yrs. my local guy was using 20/50 oil instead of 10w30), so we did the correct oil this time.

Took it for a test drive and everything purred beautifully. Started the 50 mi drive home and a small stumble. 10 miles later it stalled completely, and stumbled terribly...as if I never had been to the mechanic.

Between the 1st stall and home (40 mi), it stalled about 6 more times, stumbled terribly unless I was going at high speed.

Also 2 times the dash lit up with all the lights as if it was stalling, but only for a split second.

When I thought it had stalled, I cranked it but it made that noise cars make when they are already running and you are cranking.

It happened 1 more time, dash lights blinked all at once for a very split second, but the 2nd time, I didn't crank because the car didn't stall.

So now that you all know what I have done and what the results have been PLEASE can ANYONE tell me where to look next?

I'm scared to drive this thing. And I am living out in the boonies. I'm just a little lady happy to learn, but knows NOTHING about cars.

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