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Postby JAHBLESSINGS » Fri Apr 17, 2020 7:32 pm

Hello everyone. Been a good minute since I’ve been on here. Stay safe guys

I’ve had a code that would not go away P1757 (Front brake solenoid) which makes the truck pretty much feel like limp mode buts it’s actually stuck in 4th gear. A lot of people either change the valve body or the transmission. I found a video that shows how to fix the band that breaks on the tcm/valve. Hopefully this will help someone save $5k from repair expenses. If you are mechanically inclined like take apart motors etc then this is for you. It’s not hard but not something for a novice that might end up with a transmission full of neutrals. Tip: when you get ready to drop the valve body. The wires have a green plug top right corner inside transmission above the valve body itself that is easily unplugged. took me a while trying to unplugs all the connectors on the valve body which is a pain with greasy hands.
Tools are 10mm socket, Allen key set and solder iron. Forgot the size but it’s small. Try to reuse the fluid.


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